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Merk: Urban Nature Culture


Material: banana leaf

Size: 40 x 95 cm

Urban Nature Culture is proud to be collaborating with the Industree Foundation. For the past 17 years, Neelam Chhiber and her Industree Foundation have been making a big difference in India’s fight against poverty and unemployment. By setting up factories close to their home and inviting local artisans to produce for the creative industry sector, they’ve tripled the incomes of more than 30,000 women artisans across India and Africa. While celebrating their arts, skills and cultural legacy, Industree helps them to use their artisanal skills and lift them from poverty. Through collaborative efforts with several big companies, they’ve integrated many skilled women into the worldwide industry.

One of the beautiful products that’s part of UNC’s collaboration with Industree, is the Planta Da Praia. It was already part of last year’s collection – and now sees a new sister. While the bark of the banana tree has been used for some of UNC’s baskets, the Planta Da Praia is the actual banana leaf. Normally, in the harvest of the fruit, these go to waste. But these leafs are way too beautiful to be wasted, adding a serene, natural item to your interior.