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Nicolas Vahé

MONOGRAPH - Magnets, Nature - set 12 stuks
€15,99 Excl. BTW: €15,99

Woods is a package with 12 magnets in four different, assorted colours. The magnets have beautiful, ..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Cocoa Truffle with caramel and crunch
€8,99 Excl. BTW: €8,99

Nicolas Vahé’s chocolate truffle with caramel and crunch is like taking a delicate bite of heaven. T..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Extra virgin olive oil
€24,99 Excl. BTW: €24,99

This extra virgin olive oil from Nicolas Vahé is the Swiss Army knife of oils. A classic and exquisi..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Extra Virgine olijfolie met Citroen
€11,99 Excl. BTW: €11,99

Nicolas Vahé has created a beautiful and extremely tasteful series of oils that come with an excitin..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Frans zeezout
€11,50 Excl. BTW: €11,50

Nicolas Vahe Frans ZeezoutMerk: Nicolas VahéInhoud: 335 gramIngrediënten: Frans zeezout..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Gift box Salt & Pepper
€23,99 Excl. BTW: €23,99

This gift box from Nicolas Vahé is an essential seasoning duo for everyday use and beyond. The Frenc..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Glaze met balsamico en truffel
€7,99 Excl. BTW: €7,99

Deze glazuur is gemaakt van balsamico azijn dat is ingekookt voor een aantal uur en daarna gereducee..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Organic green pepper
€17,99 Excl. BTW: €17,99

For a milder alternative to black pepper, try this organic green pepper from Nicolas Vahé. The mill ..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Organic pasta - durum wheat
€5,99 Excl. BTW: €5,99

A classic pasta made from organic durum wheat. What sets it apart is the frilled edges that let you ..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Peper en zout - Everyday mix
€11,50 Excl. BTW: €11,50

Nicolas Vahé has created a series of different salts, all with amazing flavours and spices that are ..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Peper mix
€13,99 Excl. BTW: €13,99

Nicolas Vahe Peper MixMerk: Nicolas VahéInhoud: 140 gramIngrediënten: witte, groene, roze, rode en z..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Tagliolini egg & spinach
€6,99 Excl. BTW: €6,99

Turn any pasta dish into a feast with this beautiful and tasty tagliatelle from Nicolas Vahé. The vi..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Zout 'The secret blend'
€11,50 Excl. BTW: €11,50

Nicolas Vahé’s secret blend is a must have in any kitchen. Try it and you will love it! Enjoy the fl..

NICOLAS VAHÉ - Zwart zeezout
€16,99 Excl. BTW: €16,99

Give your dishes a finish worth noticing. This sea salt from Nicolas Vahé is mixed with activated ch..

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